Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Trip to Beaches in Karnataka

We started our journey at around 12 AM on Saturday, 18th of March’06 in a luxurious DVD coach Tempo traveler van. As usual all of us were talking and teasing everyone for the initial one hour and went for sleep. Since we were traveling in the night one of us had to be awake and give company to the driver. We did this on a shift basis. Initially we thought of going for a trekking to Kodachaadhri. But at the final moment we changed our plan to go for many places instead going to a single place and getting tired by ourself.

We reached Shimoga hills in the morning and took a snap of the hill view. Finished our breakfast in Manipal at 10:30AM and started to Maple beach. Manipal is well known for Manipal University. Manipal and Udupi are adjacent towns and Maple beach is just 3km from Udupi. At around 11:30AM we reached Maple beach. Once we reach this place everyone in our gang was busy changing their dresses and got ready for taking bath at Maple beach. We played beach ball and took bath. After one and half hours play we started to St.Mary’s Island which is just a boat ride away from Maple beach. It took around half an hour to reach St.Mary’s Island by boat and they charged Rs.70 for to and fro. St.Mary’s Island is an excellent place to visit. The sea water surrounded by this Island was very clear and it was in Turquoise color. We were allowed to stay in this small and beautiful island only for one hour as the boat has to return back. We covered almost all part of this island within the allowed time and returned back to the land at 3:45PM.

Then we started to Udupi Sri Krishna temple. After having late lunch at Udupi we had darshan of Lord Sri Krishna. As far as we had seen, the gals in this town are looking very good and they are traditional unlike gals at B’lore. We planned to see the sunset in Maravanthe beach which is on the way to our next target Murdeshwar. We were not lucky enough to see the sunset in the Arabian Sea as we reached this place 10mins late. May be the Sun didn’t want to see our faces before it signs off for the day. The sea shore in Maravanthe beach was gud as like Besant Nagar beach in Chennai. After spending half an hour at this place we continued our journey to Murdeshwar. The people traveling in West cost highway will definitely enjoy the view.

We reached Murdeshwar at 7:50PM. In this place, a gorgeous and giant Shiva statue has been built over a small rock surrounded by sea water. We don’t know whether this is a holy place or the place constructed to attract tourists. Also we were not interested to do research on this. We booked 4 rooms in a guest house who maintains this place. One of our friend’s birthday fell on 19th and we planned to have his birthday celebrated in the beach. After our dinner, B’Day baby cut the cake exactly at 12AM in the beach. Hope this should be his first B’Day celebrated by cutting cake in the beach that too at 12AM. After that we went to our respective rooms and slept.

After finishing the breakfast on the next day we started to OM beach at 9:30AM. We reached Gokarna at 11:15AM and went to the ancient Shiva temple. We were allowed to enter the temple only after removing our shirts. After Darshan we started to OM beach which is 8Km from Gokarna. I don’t know how to describe the beauty of this place by words. This place was the most exciting, most enjoyable, most memorable, most amazing, etc.. place in our trip. In this place hills are surrounded by sea and both were saying ‘Hi’ to themselves. Some foreigners were attracted to enjoy its beauty and some of them were taking sun bath. The sea water was as gud as in St.Mary’s island. Once we reach the place, all of us were disappeared from the land and giving attendance in the sea. Even after playing for 2 hours we didn’t have the mind to come out of the sea. Then we decided to go the other side of the hill by a very small motor boat. The journey in this boat was thrilling. We reached the other side of the hill, spent 10 mins in that beach and returned back. Then we started to B’lore at 3:30PM.

We had our lunch in a high way hotel. On the way to B’lore we went to Jog falls which is 829 feet tall and one among the world’s top 100 falls. Water was very less since March was not the best season to view this falls. So we were not satisfied. The best season to come to this place is Oct-Dec. Again we continued our return journey. We stopped in a small village and bought some fruits for our refreshments. We bought 2.5kgs of Grapes for Rs.20 per Kg and 1.5Kgs of Oranges for Rs.18 per Kg. We guys finished everything within half an hour. We had our dinner in a small town called Birur at 10:30PM. Finally reached B’lore at 4AM.

The trip was very gud and we enjoyed a lot.