Monday, October 30, 2006

A New place

vidudhalai...vidudhalai....client kitta irundhu vidudhalai......
I was busy in the last one week in packing my things, taking data backup...blah...blah....Now I am in Atlanta (syam, ippo we are in same time zone) in Atlanta-la, more Desi makkal, more Indian restaurants, last but not least good weather....hope I will have good time here....

Thank you all for ur comments to my last post....and sorry for not being able to visit all of your blogs....time kedaikum bodhu kandipa visit panren...

Saw the news that Hyundai had gifted 100 cars to Chennai super-a iruku.....i wish they should use them efficiently.....

Have u guys ever used How its better than Google or other search engines? If any of you know about it, plz do let me know.

Life-la, first love success agudha, illa failure aagudhaa-ngradhu mukiyam illa
Saagum bodhu naama oru love-oda saaguromaa-ngradhu dhaan mukiyam

-Sombu (Vallavan)

Monday, October 23, 2006

Fun @ work

When I was working in and my teammates decided to celebrate our TL's birthday in the office. The plan was to decorate his cube in the early morning before everyone comes to the office, all the team members wear blue jeans & company T-Shirt, run a surprise graphics program (during windows startup) to wish him. We thought it would be better to create our own graphics in 'C' than downloading a flash movie from
Plan panna maadhiri graphics program ezhudhi startup folderla potaachu (all of us knew his system pwd :))...cube-a decorate panniyaachu....then he came to the office by 9:30 and he was surprised to see the decoration.....we all wished him and he switched on his system....indha neram pathu system admin-la irundhu oruthar logon panna udane, black colorla oru command window open aachu (yet to start our program)....idha paathadhum, avar
"Boss idhu kandipaa virus thaan cable first unplug pannunga"nu sollitu avar maatum table keezha pugundhu Lan cable-a kazhatitu irundhaar...avar veliya vandhu paartha enga program oditu iruku.....idha paathutu irundha enga ellaarum vizhundhu vizhundhu sirichoem...adhukappuram enna cake vettings and sessions :)

Imbermason is wealth
Hope you guys are reading many blogs and most of you visit every blog to check if a new post is available. If you think its time consuming, Google Reader is available to help you. Just login to with your gmail login ID...add ur favourite blog URLs in the option provided in the left hand side. It will highlight when a new post is available.
1. No need to install any "Feed reader" in ur system.
2. You can check the status of all ur fav. blogs anywhere.

Monday, October 16, 2006


Konja naal munnadi Ponnarasi, Marutham matrum nam uravinargal ellorum enna tag ezhudha solli irundhaaha....but due to some unavoidable circumstances, i cudnt write the tag....ippo nanbar KK-vum tag ezhudha solli vambula maati vitadhaal indha tag-ai ezhudhugindren......let me write about some weird things/habits in me....

1. What is the above said "unavoidable circumstances"?....its none other than my somberithanam... washing machine-la wash panni, drier-la dry panna dress-a oru 2 or 3 daysku apuram thaan, madichu/iron panni vaipenna paathukonga...

2. I never go to bed earlier than 12AM (even if I am tired) or wake up before 7AM....kaalaila alarm adicha apuram oru thookam varumae...adada....adhuku apuram thoongina, sorgathaiye paathutu varalaam...i like that :)...

3. Unnoticeableness: i don't like being popular (weird?).....when I was in college, I used to sit in the middle row benches....appo than lecturers/profs yaar kannlayum padamaaten, question keka maataanga :)....front bench and last bench pasanga paavam adikadi maatikuvaanunga....neenga nallavara illa kettavara?? rendume kedayaadhu ;-)

4. Nail-biting: Indha pazhakkam chinna vayasula irundhe iruku...adhigama yosikaravangaluku indha pazhakkam irukumaam...(really??)

5. Genarally, I wont speak much (u shld believe this)...adhaanalayo ennavo theriyala, I take some time to become closer to new friends.

6. Fearfulness: Enakku konjam bayandha subavam iruku....for e.g. exam ezhudharuku munnadi, examla therinja qs vandhaa epdi irukum, theriyaadha qs vandha epdi irukumnu rendu angle-layum think pannuven...kadaisila, theriyadha qs vandha enna aagumnu adhigama yosichu bayandhu poi nippen....Me iseekoltu (optimist + pessimist)/2. where optimism is greater than pessimism

7. Interesting-a TV paarkum bodho, illa computerla vela pannum bodho, yaar enna pesinaalum en kadhula vizhaadhu I mean en kavanathukku varaadhu :)...

Right hand sidela irukra nallavanglla yaaru venumnaalum tag ezhudhalaam!!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Sunday, October 08, 2006


Two weeks back, me and my friend went to a branch of 'Bank of America'(BOA) to transfer money from my 'citibank' account to my friend's BOA account. Since the money transfer fee is lesser in "Cash advance" mode of transaction when compared to ATM withdrawal money, we opted this mode.

We approached a staff(S1) (who looked like new to this bank) and asked her to do the same. Avanga thiru thirunu muzhichutu, its not possiblenu sonnanga. Since some of our others friends had already done this before, we told her its possible. In the mean time another staff(S2) came and told her how to do that. Then, S1 went inside to do the transfer.

Oru five minutesku apuram S1 came out and told sadly "we are sorry, we lost the electronic transaction code and cant deposit the money"

adipaavigala enna solreenga? doctors ellam operationku apuram vandhu solra maadhiri solreenga?

Me: So.o.o.o.....? (micham meedhi irukra panthayaavadhu vitu vainga)
S1 and S2: let us try what can be done. Please wait patiently (aaama idhuku onnum korachal illa)

S2 called some numbers and came back to us after 40 mins.

S2: Once again sorry
Me: ????
S2: We could not do anything. Can you please call your citibank call centre and ask them to revert back the transaction or get the transaction code?
Me: Yeah
S2: If they cant cancel the transaction, please come tommorrow we shall do something else.
Kadavule, en pozhapu ipdi aayuduche :(
Came back to my apartment, called citibank call centre (vera enga? chennai thaan) and told the details. She said, money has been already deducted from your account and it can not be reverted back. (Transaction code-yaachum kodu thaayi, unaku punniyama pogatum). Got the code and went to BOA next day. Then they sent a fax to citibank, chennai saying that they didnt get the money and to revert back the amount.
Two daysku apuram, I got my money back.

If that machine had received the transaction code without failure, our transaction would have completed in lesser than 5 mins.

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Mutual Fund Investment Tracker

I have prepared an excel sheet to track the amount invested in Mutual Funds. Thought it might be useful to some of you :)

This excel sheet directly gets the NAV of selected mutual funds from and can be used to calculate Gain/Loss of your ivestments.

Though some sites offer online tracking of Mutual funds, I though it will be good to maintain a personal tracker where we can keep about the purchase/redemption transaction number and other additional information.

It can be downloaded by at Mutual Fund Investment Tracker v1.0

Comments and suggestions are much appreciated.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Andha maram.......

Idhu dhaan andha maram (read this first)..... gnyabagaarthama irukatume ;-).... kayaru katti support koduthu irukradhaala straight-a iruku..else...???

Indha azhagiya paravaigal (Kuruvi?) en veetu vaasalil koodu katti sandhoshamaga irundhana....Fire dept padupaavinga checking-kaga kalaichu vitutaanga.....How do they know that its a water sprinkler? :(

Nalla pose kodukudhu illa?