Monday, April 24, 2006

Radio Mirchi in Bangalore

I had been to Commercial street yesterday for shopping. When I was selecting a T-Shirt in a shop, suddenly I heard an advertisement in the radio that was familiar to me. Thats none other than "Yappa yappa Ayyappa....Radio Mirchi hot-appa...." I was shocked to hear this in Bangalore. Bcoz I used to hear this in Chennai Radi Mirchi FM and it is very impossible for FM signals to propagate from Chennai to Bangalore. Also Radio city was the only private FM station being broadcasted in Bangalore. Then I came to my apartment and tuned my mobile handset for any new FM station and I found Radio Mirchi at 93.3. This FM station was aired in Bangalore last week (April 17th). There is no doubt that this popular channel (in other cities) will be a tough competitor for Radio City. Obviously FM listeners in Bangalore have got another choice and going to have a good entertainment.

To my surprise, my mobile phone picked up Suryan FM & Radio mirchi from Chennai today morning. Got a chance to listen to 'Mirchi' Suchitra's charming voice ;-).

Is there any (tele)communication engineer to explain me how come this can happen?

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Toon Disney

I had a grand welcome last weekend when I went to my native . As soon as the sweet kids of my neighbor saw me, they became very happy and shouted “Haiyya Balu mama vandhaachu…” Why they became happy on seeing me? Will I take them to beach? Or Will I get them Ice creams?. Nope. They can watch their favorite cartoon channels in their TV. A month back I went to their house and deleted all the cartoon channels from their TV. I had promised them that I will tune and restore all the cartoon channels once their exams are over. So they were eagerly waiting for my arrival.

Kidz: Mama vaanga enga veetuku pogalaam…
Me : Edhuku da….
Kidz: Exam mudinja apuram cartoon channels ellathayum TV-la vaikiren-u sonneenga illa…
Me : :-D aamaa…..adhuku enna ippo??
Kidz: vaanga polaam….

I used this chance and asked them to sing and dance. Since there was no other way, they did everything (even I got a kiss ;-)). Then I left to their house.

Me : Endha channel venum da?
Kidz: Cartoon Network, Toon Disney (now it is broadcasted in Tamil too) and Kogo (POGO)

After tuning & storing all of these channels, they compelled me to sit with them and made me to watch their favorite program “Power Rangers”.. the dialogues in the program were like the following one…

Nallavan: (kettavana paathu..) Vara vara unga attagaasam adhigamaagikittae poitu iruku…
Kettavan: Adhuku naanga enna panradhu....
(Nallavan gets angry)
Kettavan: Nee yaaru kitta modhura-nu theriyaama modhura….
Nallavan: Naan therinji kittu thaan modhuren….nee kettavan….makkal ellaarukum theengu pannitu iruka……
(Just b4 the fight)
Kettavan: I have this power, that power…..and the list goes on….
Nallavan: En kittayum unna edhirkira sakthi iruku…. He told some ‘XYZ’ name & prayed…."XYZ give me the power…"… I think someone was listening to him & gave him the power…. Andha time-la oru minnal maadhiri oru light vandhutu pochu....also his dress was changed….
The villain was waiting for all these things to happen. After sometime the fight was started & went for 5 mins with bayangara sound effects. As you expected, the villain lost the fight and left by saying “Naan unna apuram paathukiren da” (ippave paathutu pogalaam la)

Oru Vijay padam paatha effect irundhudhu…… cha No Vijay movie was released for Tamil new year…..

Monday, April 17, 2006

The Greatest Love.....

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

One year with semiconductor giant

Yep. I completed one year with the semiconductor giant yesterday. I have been sent to this dream company by my parent company which is located at Chennai for a short-term assignment. After completing the assigned task successfully they grabbed me for another maintenance project where I have to fix the bugs in the firmware reported in 4 similar kinds of servers. It was really a nice experience in working in this company. The work environment and the culture here are just amazing. 12 months went just like 12 weeks. Since I pursued my engineering in the electronics branch, this company was a dream for me. Sometimes even I had thought that whether the security of this company will allow me inside the company premises to submit my resume ;-).

Wish to have the same kind of good work in the future too.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006


I am tagged by Bharani :-)

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Jam...Traffic Jam

As everyone know Bangalore city is popular for its traffic density. It was very much crowded on the eve of Ugadi. This year Ugadi fell on Thursday and helped most of the people to get a long weekend just by taking a vacation on Friday. I was one among them :-). City buses and autos set ‘Majestic’ as their target and were rushing from all part of the B’lore. My friend cum colleague had arranged a treat on the same day and pleaded me to attend the same. The poor guy BalaG planned to attend the treat partially and leave early to catch his Pondy bus on time. As usual all the bad lucks joined their hands together and prevented me to attend the same. It took us 1hr 25mins instead of usual 20mins to reach the restaurant where the treat was arranged. As it was getting late I dropped my plan of attending the treat :-(. After wishing him “Nalla iruda nanbaa...”, I left to Majestic in the same bus (Enna kodumai Saravanan idhu!!). I donno whether he slept on that night or not as he was very sad that I cudn’t attend the treat ;-). After the City bus reached one place where all the buses from all parts of B’lore meet, the driver had to slow down the bus from a mega speed of 20kmph. He tried his level best to change the gear from 2nd to 3rd and increase the speed. But the autos and other vehicles didn’t allow him to do so. Finally I reached Majestic after 2hrs 15mins. Indha time-ku thiruttu VCD-la oru padamae paathu irukalaam ;-).

Great Thanks to the traffic!!! My Pondy Bus also came late after 45mins.